Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wedding Doves and Invisibility

My wife and I went to another good friend's wedding a few weeks back. It was a very nice wedding. One of the neat things they did was, after the service, they uleashed a crate full of pristine white doves in front of the church. I wondered if these doves were trained to come back to some sort of dove keeper, someone who rents out doves for special occaisions, or if they just fly off into the sunset? Has anyone ever seen white doves flying around in the wild?

Just before the doves were released, a funny thing happened. (At the time it was "funny-peculiar," now its more like "funny ha-ha.") I was standing in the very SLOW moving receiving line, patiently waiting for the people in front of me to move down the line. I was next in line to shake hands and/or hug the bride. I think I was literally about a foot away from her, hand in "shake" position, when out of nowhere this guy appeared and wedged in front of me, squeezing his body between the bride and myself, beating me to the hand shake/hug. Then his wife (I think it was his wife) did the same thing.

I guess I can just chalk it up to wedding day over-exuberance, or perhaps they were in a rush to see the grand dove unleashing. Maybe they didn't notice my 6 foot 4 inch, 280 pound frame standing there, in line. With my hand out-stretched. I do sometimes have the power of invisibility, it could be that I turned invisible for a few seconds. That's probably what happened. The bride and I had a good laugh afterwards. It was one of those "what the..." moments.

Receptions are great places to find interesting faces to draw. Here are a few.


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

top is great. i love the mouth open as if in mid-sentence.

Jeff Harter said...

Thanks, John. He was talking or eating. Maybe both.

By the way, the doves do fly back to a dove keeper. The other way sounded cooler.

richtuzon said...

very cool, jeff. really like these.

Jeff Harter said...

Thanks, Rich. I've been slammed with a book project with Scholastic. As soon as I finish (Friday) I will start posting again.

Alina Chau said...

cool head drawings!

Peter Emmerich said...

These are Wonderful Jeff!!