Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More Cleaning...

It's official, we are in fact moving, so more cleaning through old boxes and portfolios and more postings of art rediscovered. These are some illustrations from my freelance editorial days:
Image 1 "OWL" from Leo Monahan's Color and design class, Cal Arts
Image 2 "Boosting Corporate Morale" pastel, USAir Magazine
Image 3 AARP Bulletin
Image 4 "Drug Money," AARP Bulletin
Image 5 "Espionage" pastel (unpublished)
Image 6 "Tourettes" pastel (unpublished)
Image 7 "Sunday Morning Slasher" pastel (unpublished)
Image 8 "Adirondacks" pastel (unpublished)
Image 9 "Nuclear Balance" pastel, Computer Professionals Newsletter.
Image 10 "Guinness Book of World Records: World's Largest Pumpkin"
                Print Magazine (May/June 1990.)
Image 11 "One Knight Stand" (Pen and ink)



s.alzuria said...

Wow! your artwork is AMAZING! so inspiring.


Alina Chau said...

These are AMazing!!

estellye said...

I love them, as expected! More surreal than anticipated, but that was a fun surprise! :D Gina

estellye said...

Love them - as expected. I am drawn to the prismatic break up of light on the owl. I was a bit surprised by how surreal these are; that was an interesting surprise! Wonderful! :D Gina

Jeff Harter said...

Thanks estellye. I have two sides, I suppose, the dark side and the bright side! ;o) I used to do work that was pretty heavy and serious, but decided to lighten up a bit, so I switched gears and went into animation.