Saturday, October 09, 2010

Maryoku Yummy

This show appearing on The Hub  
is Maryoku Yummy, animated by OddBot. This has turned into a 
very cute show for pre-school aged children. Before Maryoku evolved 
into what it istoday, I did some really early visual development of 
environments like Nozomu and the Wish Mill. It was a while ago, but 
these were a lot of fun to work on... Above is a sketch of Nozomu,
a magical place where Wishes and their Wish Sitters live. 

 The idea for this image is that under ground roots trap drops 
of water (center). The Yummy live in these mushroom houses, 
which  defy gravity and crawl around on the underground roots 
like snails.

A very early concept of the Wish Mill... wishes would
drop down through roots in the ground and float
through a system of water ways to Nozomu.

Another Wish Mill Concept... Wishes drop down through roots 
in the ground into another series of tubes, then enter the "mill."
The area below is where the wishes would be nurtured.

... and yet another Wish Mill concept.

This concept of the Wish Mill includes an early concept of Tapotapo/
mill. He's sort of controlling the whole process and all the wishes
go through him.

Another Tapotapo/Wish Mill concept.


David Fedan said...

These drawings were very influential- especially the last two. Great stuff as always, Jeff!!

Carlos V. said...

Damn I never saw these, amazing work Jeff!!!

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

Great stuff. Exciting to see it all come together.

Jeff Harter said...

Thanks Dave and Carlos.

Dave, I remember you doing some pretty fantastic work on this as well!

Carlos, I see the dates on these were 2005. WOW, 5 years ago (that's just when I became involved!) this might have been when you first came back after your internship...It's amazing how long it takes to get a show on the air... a lot of hard work for all involved!

James Groman said...

Awesome Jeff!
I have about 100-plus images from the development of Maryoku too. I think we all worked on it about 6 months.

Jeff Harter said...

Thanks John! It is neat to see the evolution.

Thanks Jim. Would love to see some Maryoku by Groman!

Dan Thompson said...

looks great!

I can't reach you through your email.

Sorrentino said...

Wow, I totally not in pre-school and I wanna watch this! Looks awesome!

Jeff Harter said...

Thanks Dan and Sorrentino.

Dan, I have a new e-mail. Should be updated on profile.

Brian said...

Nice! Hard to believe how far Maryoku's progressed. Just seemed like one of those things always in the works here... now it's on TV!

Dorota said...

These look great Jeff!!!

Jeff Harter said...

Thanks Brian and Dorota!

Shelley Whiting said...

These pictures are very wild and zany. Fun and quirky artwork.