Friday, October 01, 2010

Packages From Planet X

A bit more info was released on Packages from Planet X, an animated TV show concept that I created while at American Greetings... this is from the September 30 Spotlight section of

...AGP is also working with Disney XD on the new action series Packages from Planet X. Kidscreen cited the series as a Cool New Show in October 2008 and it's now entering the pilot stage.

Click links to read the full article from September 30, 2010, and October 2008. The good news is that everything seems to be moving in a positive direction... keep fingers crossed and stay tuned!


Carlos V. said...

WOW it's crazy you are not linked on mine either, correcting that now. Man looking through your blog is a lot of fun. Those editorials are awesome!!! The people sketches are hilarious as well!

Jeff Harter said...

Ha ha, thanks dude! It's fun. Some people are just walking caricatures waiting to be drawn!