Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Disney Trip 2013

This is a sketch of the Magic Kingdom's Cinderella's Castle.
It's also the first drawing in the new Moleskine sketchbook.
OK, it's not another Charles M. Schulz Museum/Snoopy Moleskine sketchbook,
but I'm working on that.
This is a sketch of EPCOT's Germany Pavilion. Epcot is easily my favorite theme park because of the world showcase. It reminds me of the olympics in a way, which I am also a huge fan of. There is something about all the nations coming together in one happy place. Where else can you travel around the world in one day and encounter the people, architecture, and flavors of the different countries, AND watch a Bee Gee's concert? Ok, it was "Stayin Alive," the Bee Gee's tribute band, but they were very good. Anyway, we ate at Germany's Oktoberfest. Lots of yummy German food, fun entertainment, and a good amber beer called Hovels. Laura, our waitress from Germany, taught me how to say Hovels in German. You don't enunciate the "H,"like Huvells. I made that mistake. It's pronounced "oovelz" with a silent H.


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

love it.

Ron said...

These must've been fun to draw; I love how you populated the scene, too. Great stuff!

Jeff Harter said...

Thanks John and Ron!