Friday, March 13, 2015

Willie the Welder

I created this character design in visiting Pixar artist Chris Sasaki's character workshop at American Greetings. It's a combo of collage - cut out shapes from magazines, as well as some photoshop touch up.
So the story behind this character is… this is Willie the Welder. Willie is a rather hardworking turtle. He grew up in the middle of the extremely energetic and densely populated borough of Manhattan. On the other hand, he gets his energy from peace and quiet. He also has a really hard time coming out of his protective shell, or letting others inside. He used to be afraid of heights, but it's far better than dealing with the alternative below him. It's a tenuous balance between fear and comfort, but he now feels more at ease assembling even bigger shells high atop the steel beams of a sky scraper construction site. It's as far away from others and as close to solitude as he can possibly get.

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