Saturday, January 07, 2006


Here is another wood carving that I did for my gallery show. I worked on this during our visit at my aunt's Adirondack camp. My daughter and I came up with the name "Mrs. Cluckhens." I gouged my finger sereral times while carving her skinny little legs. There are 30 rings on her legs, so it could have been worse.


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

Love it. Great design, color and craftsmanship. Sorry about the boo boos.

My wife pointed out a guy in one of her Christmas catalogs. Does everything with a quilt motif. 3 wise men with Amish quilt motif in their cloaks. Know who I mean? I can't remember the name.

Jeff Harter said...

I'm not sure who you mean, but it sounds cool. If you find out his name, let me know.

I actually have a couple more from the show that I will put up. One is of a rooster that I sold to Jeffrey Conrad, our fearless leader. I will sneak into his office and take a snapshot. Also did a series of fish eating fish that is unpainted and unsold. That will take a while to path out, but I will get them up as well.