Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Flying vs Invisibility

There's a commercial that asks the question, what would you choose, to fly, or to become invisible? That is a tough one...

If you previously checked into my blog, all 5 of you, you would have noticed that I made a list of things you could do if you were invisible vs. if you could fly, pointed out the positives and negatives, whether it was used for good or evil. Blah Blah Blah.

But it really comes down to this for me. You have to be naked to reap all the benefits of invisibility, which is essentially sneaking around without being seen in order to spy on people. I have a hard time with the idea of sneaking around naked in public, even if I am invisible. What if my invisibility malfunctioned for some reason? There I would be, standing in the middle of suburbia or where ever, totally naked. Not good. So I would have to at least wear boxers. I would also need to wear my glasses so I could see where I was going. (I hate contacts. I tried them, but they make my eyes feel all dry and scratchy.) I also can't stand NOT wearing socks. My wife can walk around all day everyday bare foot, but it drives me crazy to be bare foot. So basically I would be sneaking around invisible in my boxers, glasses, and socks. Not really invisible. So what's the point of invisibility?

Unless I'm picked off by a hunter who mistook me for a goose during a leisurely flight over the countryside, I can't see a whole lot of negative in flying. And I get to wear all of my clothes. I think flying is good for me.


The Butcher said...

These would look a lot better if you hadn't illustrated them in the computer. They lose your touch and gesture that comes through on your traditional pieces. Throw your computer in the trash and creat art like it was supposed to be created. :)


Jeff Harter said...
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Jeff Harter said...

Dear Mr. Art Director Ben,

Thanks for your positive feedback. From now on I will use crushed berries, ground up leaves and other edible organic materials. I will then paint them on a home made canvas made of butterfly wings.

Funny you should ask why I worked digitally. As you know, I used to work in pastel, but the dust was killing me. I also just saw a presentation by J Otto Seibold at American Greetings. He basically works directly with the computer with no traditional drawing or scanning, all from memory. I was inspired, so I gave it a whirl. I like the directness. I also like how non messy the computer is.

Just an experiment. Don't worry, I'm not throwing away my pencil and paper.

Yer pal,

Leeanna Butcher said...

Don't worry Jeff, Ben is just jealous you can use your computer for other things besides sending emails!
(Or doing overlays...) :)
I'm with you on the whole flying thing.

Jeff Harter said...


Thanks Leanna! Could you punch Ben for me? I can't reach all the way to San Fran (or wherever it is you guys live now).

john skewes said...

That invisible guy is great.

As a kid I wanted invisibility, but now I want to fly.

Jeff Harter said...

Thanks John,

The moon and stars just happened to align for that illustration. I have to admit my mellon is looking more and more like the moon each passing year (sigh.)