Saturday, July 21, 2007

Town Square

Some more early Vis Dev for the "Care Bear's Oopsy Does it" Movie. These are some Town Square and individual building studies.

We decided to update Care-a-lot by eliminating the old castle. The new gathering place would feel like Disney's Celebration, or any of those cozy towns you would find in James Howard Kunstler's book "home from nowhere."

In the initial design (red), I wanted the environment to not only feel modern, but soft, comfortable, protective, and inviting. I personally like towns where there are traditional downtown buildings surrounding a central square, with some focal point like a gazebo or a park. In the Care Bears case I used a big tree in the shape of a heart in the center of town.

There are 5 buildings in town belonging to Oopsy, Grumpy, Share. Funshine, and Cheer. Pictured here are Grunpy's Garage (blue), Share's Candy shop (purple), and Funshine's home (bottom blue vector image).


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

i am so frickin' jealous! this looks like so much fun. great work jeff.

Jeff Harter said...

Hey, thanks man! This is definitely the GOOD part of my job. (Don't get me started on the bad and the ugly!)

I will post more when I am able. And don't be jealous, my friend. You too could have this if you are willing to sell a chunk of your soul!